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Classification 2022 Winter Edition

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Scope of Revision of the 2022 Winter Edition

The major focus of the 2022 winter edition was the evaluation of the 2022 MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) vocabulary for inclusion in the Classification index. Several additions and changes were made to the Index and Schedules based on this review. All main index headings are now linked to the 2022 vocabulary in the MeSH Browser. Additional minor updates were made to the Index and Schedules.

Summary Statistics for the 2022 Winter Edition

  • 14 New Class Numbers
  • 32 Modified Class Numbers
  • 3 Canceled Class Numbers
  • 1 New Schedule Header
  • 2 Modified Schedule Headers
  • 2 Deleted Schedule Headers
  • 37 New Index Headings (33 from 2022 MeSH)
  • 80 Modified Index Headings
  • 1 Deleted Index Heading

Examples of Additions and Changes Based on MeSH 2022

New 2022 Headings Added to Index by Tree (and related maintenance)

Of the 277 new 2022 MeSH descriptors, only 33 were added to the NLM Classification index. Below is a list by MeSH tree category in addition to any other classification maintenance done

  • Anatomy [A]
    • Vestibular System new class number created: WL 701 Vestibular system
  • Diseases [C]
    • Genital Diseases
    • Iron Deficiencies
    • Neuroinflammatory Diseases
    • Urogenital Diseases
  • Chemicals and Drugs [D]
    • Antimicrobial Peptides
  • Analytical, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Techniques, and Equipment [E]
    • Cellular Automata
    • Hospital to Home Transition
    • Medicine, Persian new class number created: WB 55.P4 Persian medicine
    • Myofascial Release Therapy
    • Vaccine Development new class number created: QW 810 Vaccine development
  • Psychiatry and Psychology [F]
    • Cognitive Psychology
    • Mentalization-Based Therapy new class number created: WM 420.5.M5 Mentalization-based therapy
    • Vaccination Hesitancy
  • Disciplines and Occupations [H]
    • Genomic Medicine - Genomic medicine added to caption at WB 102.7
    • Geroscience
    • Translational Science, Biomedical
  • Anthropology, Education, Sociology, and Social Phenomena [I]
    • Child Poverty
    • Community Resources
    • Environmental Justice
    • Ethnic and Racial Minorities
    • Health Inequities
    • Home Environment
    • Hunting
    • Rugby
    • Social Structure
  • Technology, Industry, and Agriculture [J]
    • Fermented Beverages
    • Haptic Technology
  • Information Science [L]
    • Sentiment Analysis
  • Named Groups [M]
    • Adolescent Fathers
    • Adolescent Mothers
  • Health Care [N]
    • Biosecurity
    • Laboratories, Clinical

Main Index Headings Changes Based on MeSH 2022

Of the 22 MeSH headings that were changed only 13 affected the NLM Classification

2021 MESH

2022 MESH

African Continental Ancestry Group


Asian Continental Ancestry Group




Continental Population Groups

Racial Groups

Dental Models

Models, Dental

*Ethnic Groups


European Continental Ancestry Group


Fermented Foods and Beverages

Fermented Foods

Hispanic Americans

Hispanic or Latino


Immunosuppression Therapy



Oceanic Ancestry Group

Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander

Translational Medical Research

Translational Research, Biomedical

*Note: Ethnic Groups was deleted from the Classification index rather than changed to Ethnicity.

Table G (Geographic Notation) Addition

The following geographic notation was added based on the new Z1 MeSH 2022 addition


GA2-- European Alpine Region