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Classification 2023 Winter Edition

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Organizations. Societies (General or not elsewhere classified) (Cutter from name of organization or society) (Table-G)
(Monographs and Serials)

Includes membership lists and administrative reports issued serially or separately. Classify directories in QZ 22. Classify other serials issued by societies in W1. For academies and institutes, see QZ 23-24.

General works

Classify works on both the specialty and pathologic processes here. Classify works on the specialty only in QZ 21. Classify works on pathologic processes only in QZ 140. Classify material on comparative pathology in QZ 33.

Collected works by several authors

Collected works by individual authors

Addresses. Essays. Lectures

History (Table-G)

General coverage (Not Table-G)


Dictionaries. Encyclopedias
(Monographs and Serials)

Classification. Terminology
(Monographs and Serials)

Tables. Statistics. Surveys (Table-G)
(Monographs and Serials)

General coverage (Not Table-G)
(Monographs and Serials)

Atlases. Pictorial works

Classify here atlases on tissue pathology in disease.


Classify here works about education.

Educational materials
(Monographs and Serials)

Classify here educational materials, e.g., outlines, questions and answers, programmed instruction, computer-assisted instruction, etc., regardless of format. Classify textbooks, regardless of format, by subject.

Schools, departments, and faculties of pathology (Table-G)
(Monographs and Serials)

Include here works on schools of clinical pathology; also include here works on the history of schools of pathology. Classify courses of study, catalogs, etc., in W 19.5.

General coverage (Not Table-G)
(Monographs and Serials)

Research (General)

Classify material on cancer research in QZ 206.

Pathology and oncology as professions. Ethics. Peer review

Directories (Table-G)

General coverage (Not Table-G)
(Monographs and Serials)

Collective laboratories, academies, institutes, etc. Cancer hospitals

Individual laboratories, academies, institutes, etc. Cancer hospitals (Cutter from name of institution)

Laboratory manuals. Technique

Equipment and supplies
(Monographs and Serials)

Classify catalogs here.

Informatics. Electronic data processing. Computers (General)

Classify works on use for special subjects by subject.

Collective museums, exhibitions, etc.

Individual museums, exhibitions, etc. (Cutter from name of institution) (Table-G)

Laws (Table-G)
(Monographs and Serials)

General coverage (Not Table-G)
(Monographs and Serials)

Discussion of law (Table-G)
(Monographs and Serials)

General coverage (Not Table-G)
(Monographs and Serials)

Comparative pathology

Postmortem examination

Classify works on examination of dead bodies for forensic purposes in W 800-825.

Handbooks. Resource guides
(Monographs and Serials)

Pathogenesis. Etiology

Classify here works on causative factors and development. Classify works on diagnosis, therapy, etc., of the resultant disease with the disease or system.

Iatrogenic disease (General). Medication errors

[This number not used]

Genetic causes of disease

Classify works on pathologic genetic processes in QU 477. Classify genetic causes of neoplasms in QZ 210.

Genetic services

Age factors. Sex factors

Classify works on age factors or sex factors relating to a particular disease, with the disease.

[This number not used]

Classify works on physical trauma in WO 700.

[This number not used]

Chemical agents (General)

Classify works on specific chemical agents in QV.

[This number not used]

Classify works on specific microbiological organisms as a cause of disease in QW: on general works on bacteria alone in QW 50-52; on specific bacteria alone in QW 125-155; on viruses alone in QW 160-170; on fungi alone in QW 180-180.5.

[This number not used]

Classify works on specific animal parasites as a cause of disease in QX 199-735.

Diet as a cause of disease (General)

Classify works on vitamin deficiencies in QU 160-240.

[This number not used]

Classify works on vitamin deficiencies as a cause of disease in QU 160-240.

Pathologic processes (General)


Syndrome (General or not elsewhere classified)


Physiological stress

Circulatory disorders

Degenerative processes. Frailty

Chronic disease. Noncommunicable diseases

[This number not used]

Connective tissue diseases (General works or not elsewhere classified)

Classify works affecting specific tissue by the tissue or by site, if applicable, unless otherwise specified. Classify connective tissue diseases in children in WS 265. Classify works on connective tissue neoplasms in QZ 340.

Systemic lupus erythematosus

Cf. WR 152 Cutaneous lupus; WR 245 Lupus vulgaris.

Collagen diseases (General or not elsewhere classified)

Neoplasms (General)

Classify works on neoplasms by site where possible, otherwise by tissue if applicable.

Popular works

Classify here popular works on neoplasms in general. Classify popular works on neoplasms by site in the appropriate schedule.


Neoplastic processes

Precancerous conditions. Tumor virus infections

Research (General). Experimental neoplasms

Classify here all works on experimental neoplasms regardless of type or site.

Genetic aspects

Include here works on neoplastic genes and proteins.

Epidemiology (Table-G)

General coverage (Not Table-G)

Diagnosis. Diagnostic methods

Prevention and control

Psychosocial aspects


Drug therapy

Surgical techniques


Classify here works focusing on treatment of neoplasms. Classify works focusing on general aspects of radiotherapy in WN 250.

Combined modality therapy

Pediatric oncology. Adolescent oncology (General)

Classify here all aspects of pediatric and adolescent neoplasms in general; classify works on particular neoplasms with the neoplasm. Classify works on neoplasms by site or tissue if applicable.

Complex and mixed. Germ cell and embryonal

[This number not used]

[This number not used]

Connective, muscle, and vascular tissues


[This number not used]

Classify works on hematologic neoplasms and lymphoma in WH 525. Classify works on leukemia in WH 250.

Melanoma (General or not elsewhere classified)

Glandular and epithelial tissue. Carcinoma (General or not elsewhere classified)

Nerve tissue