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Clinical Laboratory Pathology

Classify here works on general clinical pathology and diagnostics.

Organizations. Societies (General or not elsewhere classified) (Cutter from name of organization or society) (Table-G)
(Monographs and Serials)

Includes membership lists and administrative reports issued serially or separately. Classify directories in QY 22. Classify other serials issued by societies in W1. For academies and institutes, see QY 23-24.

General works

Collected works by several authors

Collected works by individual authors

Addresses. Essays. Lectures

History (Table-G)

General coverage (Not Table-G)

Dictionaries. Encyclopedias
(Monographs and Serials)

Classification. Terminology
(Monographs and Serials)

Tables. Statistics. Surveys (Table-G)
(Monographs and Serials)

General coverage (Not Table-G)
(Monographs and Serials)

Atlases. Pictorial works


Classify here works about education.

Educational materials
(Monographs and Serials)

Classify here educational materials, e.g., outlines, questions and answers, programmed instruction, computer-assisted instruction, etc., regardless of format. Classify textbooks, regardless of format, by subject.

[This number not used]

Classify works on schools of clinical pathology in QZ 19.

Research (General)

Classify here works about research in general. Classify works about research on a particular subject by subject.

Clinical laboratory science as a profession. Ethics. Peer review

[Directories. Use QZ 22]

Directories of clinical laboratory science (Not Table-G)
(Monographs and Serials)

Collective laboratories, academies, institutes, etc.

Classify here works on clinical laboratories in general. Classify works on research laboratories in general in W 23-24. Classify works on specific types of laboratories in the appropriate schedule, e.g., hospital laboratories in WX 207.

Individual laboratories, academies, institutes, etc. (Cutter from name of institution)

Laboratory manuals (General)

Classify works on specific techniques or tests by type. Classify laboratory manuals on specific clinical techniques with the technique.

Equipment and supplies
(Monographs and Serials)

Classify catalogs here.

Informatics. Electronic data processing. Computers (General)

Classify works on use for special subjects by subject.

Collective museums, exhibitions, etc.

Individual museums, exhibitions, etc. (Cutter from name of museum, etc.) (Table-G)

Laws (Table-G)
(Monographs and Serials)

General coverage (Not Table-G)
(Monographs and Serials)

Discussion of law (Table-G)
(Monographs and Serials)

General coverage (Not Table-G)
(Monographs and Serials)

[This number not used]

Classify works on physical anatomic models and manikins in QS 26; classify digital anatomic models in QS 26.5.

Handbooks. Resource guides
(Monographs and Serials)

Laboratory animals (General or not elsewhere classified)

Classify here works on animals used in research, testing, or teaching, including their anatomy and diseases. Classify general works on animals in QL.

Acquisition and transportation

Classify catalogs in QY 26; directories of users and sources for obtaining, in QY 22.

Care and breeding


Experimental techniques

Classify works on experimental neoplasms in QZ 206.

Special classes of animals, A-Z

Include here works on anatomy and diseases of these laboratory animals.







Lagomorpha (Rabbits, etc.)

Mammals (General or not elsewhere classified)





Clinical laboratory services

Include here works on the administration of clinical laboratories and standards of practice.

Laboratory safety

Classify works on laboratory infection in WC 195.

Clinical laboratory techniques (General)

Chemical techniques

Cytological techniques

Classify techniques associated with a specific type of cell with the cell.  Classify works on cytological techniques in cell biology in QU 25.

Microbiological techniques

Molecular diagnostic techniques (General)

Classify works on genetic testing in QZ 52.

[This number not used]

Classify animal inoculation in QY 100; SF 757.2.

Mycological techniques

Classify works on diagnosis of specific diseases with the disease.

Specimen handling (General)

Sputum culture

Saliva tests

Gastric analysis

Liver function tests. Pancreatic function tests

[This number not used]

Works on the testing and analysis of bile pigments are classed in QY 140.

[This number not used]

Works on liver function tests are classed in QY 140.

Stool analysis

Kidney function tests


Semen analysis

Serous fluid analysis

Cerebrospinal fluid analysis

Hair analysis

Immunodiagnostic tests

Cf. QW 525 for techniques of administering other immunologic tests.

Diagnostic skin tests

Serologic tests (General)

[This number not used]

Classify works on syphilis serodiagnosis in WC 160.5.

Assay of hormones

Pregnancy tests

Assay of vitamins

Hematologic tests (General)

Classify works on morphology, physiology, and clinical aspects of diseases of blood in WH. Cf. WG for works on the cardiovascular system.

Cellular elements

Physical examination


Blood typing

Blood chemical analysis

Nitrogenous constituents


Blood glucose

Inorganic substances

[This number not used]