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Classify here works on specific mental disorders of childhood, adolescence, or old age unless specifically instructed to do otherwise.

  • Classify material on forensic psychiatry in W 740.
  • Classify works on child psychiatry in WS 350-WS 350.8.
  • Classify works on adolescent psychiatry in WS 463-WS 470.6.
  • Classify works on geriatric psychiatry in WT 150-WT 153.
  • Classify works on psychiatric nursing in general and on specific psychiatric diseases in WY 160.

Organizations. Societies (General or not elsewhere classified) (Cutter from name of organization or society) (Table-G)
(Monographs and Serials)

Includes membership lists and administrative reports issued serially or separately. Classify directories in WM 22. Classify other serials issued by societies in W1. For academies and institutes, see WM 23-24.

Collected works by several authors

Collected works by individual authors

Addresses. Essays. Lectures

History (Table-G)

General coverage (Not Table-G)

Dictionaries. Encyclopedias
(Monographs and Serials)

Classification. Terminology
(Monographs and Serials)

Tables. Statistics. Surveys (Table-G)
(Monographs and Serials)

General coverage (Not Table-G)
(Monographs and Serials)

Atlases. Pictorial works


Classify here works about education.

Educational materials
(Monographs and Serials)

Classify here educational materials, e.g., outlines, questions and answers, programmed instruction, computer-assisted instruction, etc., regardless of format. Classify textbooks, regardless of format, by subject.

Schools, departments, and faculties of psychiatry (Table-G)
(Monographs and Serials)

Include here works on the history of schools. Classify courses of study, catalogs, etc., in W 19.5.

General coverage (Not Table-G)
(Monographs and Serials)

Graduate and continuing education in psychiatry (including fellowships, internships, residencies, etc.)

Research (General)

Classify here works about research in general. Classify works about research on a particular subject by subject.

Mental health careers and professions. Types of practice. Peer review. Ethics

Classify works for and about psychiatric aides in WY 160.

Allied health personnel. Allied health occupations

Directories (Table-G)
(Monographs and Serials)

General coverage (Not Table-G)
(Monographs and Serials)

Collective laboratories, academies, institutes, etc.

Individual laboratories, academies, institutes, etc. (Cutter form name of institution)

Experimental psychiatric techniques

Equipment and supplies

Classify catalogs in W 26.

Informatics. Electronic data processing. Computers (General)

Classify works on use for special subject by subject.

Collective hospitals, clinics, dispensaries, etc. (Table-G)

Classify works limited to psychiatric hospitals for children in WS 27-28.

General coverage (Not Table-G)

Individual hospitals, clinics, dispensaries, etc. (Cutter from name of hospital) (Table-G)

Collective museums, exhibitions, etc.

Individual museums, exhibitions, etc. (Cutter from name of museum, etc.) (Table-G)

Community mental health centers. Rehabilitation centers. Treatment facilities and programs, etc. (Table-G)

General coverage (Not Table-G)

Patients. Attitude and compliance. Satisfaction

Mental health services (Table-G)

Cf. WM 401 for general works on crisis intervention; WA 305 for special population groups.

General coverage (Not Table-G)

Administration of services and health personnel

Psychiatric social work

Community psychiatry. Community mental health services (General) (Table-G)

General coverage (Not Table-G)

Socioeconomic and environmental factors in mental illness

Preventive measures in psychiatry

Laws (Table-G)
(Monographs and Serials)

Cf. W 740 Forensic psychiatry.

General coverage (Not Table-G)
(Monographs and Serials)

Include international law.

Discussion of law (Table-G)
(Monographs and Serials)

General coverage (Not Table-G)
(Monographs and Serials)

Handbooks. Resource guides
(Monographs and Serials)

Practices in the care of the mentally ill

Classify here works on ward attendance, restraints, and techniques in home care, etc. Cf. WY 160 Psychiatric nursing.

Case reports (General)

Classify here case books, biographies, and autobiographies of the mentally ill. Classify case histories limited to one disease with the disease. Classify biographies of mentally ill health professionals in WZ 100. Classify works on famous persons in WZ 313. Classify symbolic case reports in WM 49.

Art and literature as related to psychiatry. Symbolic case reports

Psychological counseling

[This number not used]

Classify psychiatry social work in WM 30.5.

Pastoral care

Interpersonal relations of mental health professionals. Attitude

Classify here works on relations with patients and other professionals.

Referral and consultation (General)

Popular works (General)

Classify here works on mental health or mental disorders in general. Classify works on specific disorders with the disorder.

Psychophysiologic disorders. Psychosomatic medicine (General)

Classify here works on the profession. Classify general works on psychophysiologic sex disorders in WM 611.

General works

Classify works on specialty and on the specialty and diseases here. Classify works on diseases alone in WM 140.

Mental health (General). Psychological well-being

Classify popular works in WM 75. Classify works on the mental health of special population groups in WA 305.

Biological psychiatry. Neuropsychiatry

Clinical psychology

Classify works on counseling in WM 55.

Military psychiatry

Mental disorders. Behavioral symptoms (General)

Classify here works on behavioral symptoms for which there are no classification numbers for related disorders. Classify specific symptoms with related disorders, e.g., Anxiety with anxiety disorders; Depression with depressive disorder. Classify general works on mental disorders of special population groups in WA 305.

Psychiatric examination. Diagnosis

Psychological interview

Psychological tests (General or not elsewhere classified)

Classify works on intelligence tests in BF 431-432.5.

Specific tests, A-Z

Bender-Gestalt test

[This number not used]

Classify works on Cattell personality factor questionnaire in WM 145.5.M6.

Ink blot tests

Personality inventory

Neuropsychological tests

Projective techniques

Rorschach test

[This number not used]

Classify Rosenzweig picture-frustration study in WM 145.5.P8.

[This number not used]

Classify Szondi test in WM 145.5.P8

Thematic apperception test

Word association tests

Self-injurious behavior. Dangerous behavior

Psychological aspects of survivors and survivorship

Classify specific symptoms with related disorders, e.g., Post-traumatic stress with post-traumatic stress disorders in WM 172.5; Depression with depressive disorder in WM 171.5. Classify works on HIV survivors in WC 503.7. Classify works on cancer survivors in QZ 260. Classify works on atomic bomb survivors in WN 610.

Neurodevelopmental disorders (General or not elsewhere classified)

Classify works on children only in WS 350.7. Classify works on autistic disorders in adults in WM 203.5

Attention deficit and disruptive behavior disorders

Classify works on children only in WS 350.8.A8.

Neurotic disorders

Affective symptoms. Mood disorders

Depression. Depressive disorder

Bipolar disorder

Anxiety. Anxiety disorders (General or not elsewhere classified)

Psychological stress

Trauma and stressor related disorders (General or not elsewhere classified)

Adjustment disorders


Somatoform disorders (General or not elsewhere classified)

Dissociative disorders

Amnesia and other memory disorders

Neurasthenia. Mental fatigue

Feeding and eating disorders

Classify here eating disorders regardless of age group. Classify works on nutrition disorders of children in WS 115-132.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder. Compulsive behavior. Obsessive behavior

Phobic disorders. Hypochondriasis. Sick role. Factitious disorders

Classify works on sick role associated with a particular disease with the disease.

Combat disorders

Sexual trauma

Sleep disorders and associated conditions

Classify here material on the psychological aspects of sleep disorders. Include popular works. Cf. WL 108 Physiology of sleep and sleep disorders.

Personality disorders (General or not elsewhere classified)

Special topics, A-Z

Antisocial personality disorder

Borderline personality disorder

Compulsive personality disorder

Dependent personality disorder. Codependency

[This number not used]

Classify works on disruptive, impulse control, and conduct disorders in WM 192.

Narcissistic personality disorder

Paranoid personality disorder

Passive-aggressive personality disorder

Schizoid personality disorder

Schizotypal personality disorder

Stereotyped behavior

Disruptive, impulse control, and conduct disorders

Defense mechanisms

Classify works on defense mechanisms in children in WS 350.8.D3.

Special topics, A-Z

Acting out



Perceptual defense





Sublimation. Fantasy

Psychomotor disorders (General or not elsewhere classified)

Classify the neurological aspects of psychomotor disorders in WL 390.

Psychotic disorders (General or not elsewhere classified)

[This number not used]


Pervasive child development disorders

Classify here works on the adult alone. Classify works dealing with autistic disorder in both children and adults or in children alone at WS 350.8.P4.

Neurocognitive disorders. Perceptual disorders

Paranoid disorders

Psychotic affective disorders

Classify works on affective symptoms in WM 171.

[This number not used]

Classify works on antisocial personality in WM 190.5.A2.


Classify works on Alzheimer disease in WT 155.

Substance-related disorders (General or not elsewhere classified)

Alcohol drinking

Classify works on social and cultural aspects of alcohol drinking in HV 5006-5722. Classify works on traffic accidents associated with alcohol consumption in WA 275.

Alcohol-related disorders (General or not elsewhere classified)

Amphetamine-related disorders

Marijuana use. Marijuana abuse

Classify works on use of medical marijuana in WB 925. Classify works on legalization of marijuana in QV 732-733.

Cocaine-related disorders

Narcotic-related disorders

Opioid-related disorders

Opium dependence. Morphine dependence

Heroin dependence

Recreational drug use (General or not elsewhere classified)

Tobacco use. Tobacco use disorder

Smoking (General or not elsewhere classified)

Intellectual disability

Classify works on intellectual disability of children in WS 107-107.5. Classify works on education of intellectually disabled children in LC 4601-4640.4. Classify works on education of intellectually disabled adults in LC 4815-4815.5.

Case studies. Biographical accounts

Diagnosis. Evaluation. Prognosis

Special issues, A-Z


Mental disorders

Sexual behavior

Social problems (General)

Rehabilitation and training (General)

Therapy of mental disorders (General or not elsewhere classified)

Cf. WL 370 Psychosurgery.

Emergency psychiatric services. Crisis intervention

Classify here works on interventions for victims of rape and other crimes. Classify works on community mental health programs in WM 30.

Drug therapy

Psychiatric somatic therapies (General or not elsewhere classified)

Convulsive therapy

Electroconvulsive therapy. Electronarcosis

Complementary therapies (General or not elsewhere classified)

Classify here works on complementary therapies to treat mental disorders. Classify general works on complementary therapies in WB 880-962.


Classify here works on homeopathy to treat mental disorders. Classify general works on homeopathy in WB 930.


Mind-body therapies

Classify here works on mind-body therapies to treat mental disorders. Classify general works on mind-body therapies in WB 880.

Psychotherapy (General or not elsewhere classified)

Classify works on psychotherapy in childhood in WS 350.2, in adolescence in WS 466, and in old age in WT 150.

Special types, A-Z

Abreaction. Catharsis

Dignity therapy

Emotion-focused therapy

Gestalt therapy


Interpersonal psychotherapy


Mentalization-based therapy

Narrative therapy

Neurolinguistic programming

Person-centered psychotherapy

Personal construct therapy

Psychosocial intervention

Psychotherapy, Brief

Psychotherapy, Multiple

Psychotherapy, Psychodynamic

Psychotherapy, Rational-Emotive

Reality therapy

Schema therapy

Behavior therapy

Special types, A-Z

Anger management therapy

Applied behavior analysis

Aversive therapy

Biofeedback (Psychology)

Classify general works on biofeedback in WL 103.3.

Cognitive behavioral therapy

Psychologic desensitization

Relaxation therapy

Self-help groups

Spiritual and religious therapy

Cf. WB 885 for general works.

Socioenvironmental therapy

Group psychotherapy

Special types, A-Z

Family therapy


Marital therapy


Sensitivity training groups. Encounter groups

Cf. HM 1086 for general sociological works.

Milieu therapy. Therapeutic community

Residential treatment (General)

Activity therapy. Sensory art therapies

Special types, A-Z

Animal assisted therapy


Art therapy


Dance therapy

Music therapy

Occupational therapy


Play therapy

Cf. WS 350.4 for play therapy with children.

Recreation therapy

Classify general works on recreation therapy in WB 556.

Videos. Video games

Virtual reality exposure therapy



Psychoanalytic theory (General or not elsewhere classified)

Special topics associated with psychoanalysis, psychoanalytic theory, therapy or interpretation, A-Z

Human-animal bond



Dreams. Symbolism

Ego. Self


Extraversion. Introversion

Free association

Freudian theory



Jungian theory

Lacanian theory




Object attachment


Pleasure-pain principle

Political systems


Religion. Church

Superego. Morals

Transactional analysis

Unconscious. Id


Psychoanalytic therapy

Psychoanalytic interpretation

Communication disorders. Speech-language pathology

Classify works on communication disorders of neurologic origins in WL 340.2.

Speech therapy. Language therapy

Cf. WL 340.3 for therapy of disorders of neurologic origin.


Classify works on aphasia of neurologic origin in WL 340.5.


Classify works on dyslexia of neurologic origin in WL 340.6.


Aggression. Violence

Cf. WS 350.8.A4 for works about children; cf. WS 470.A4 for works about adolescents.

Criminal psychology and psychiatry


Paraphilic disorders

Psychological sexual dysfunctions (General or not elsewhere classified)

Cf. WJ 712 Disorders of sex development; WJ 709 Male physiological sexual dysfunction; WP 610 Female physiological sexual dysfunction.

[This number not used]

Classify masturbation in WM 620.

[This number not used]

Classify homosexuality in WM 620.5.H6.

Gender identity. Transsexualism. Transgender persons

Sexual behavior. Sexual health (General or not elsewhere classified)

Cf. WS 105.5.S4 Child; WS 462.5.S4 Adolescent

Specific topics, A-Z

Bisexuality. Bisexual persons

Heterosexuality. Heterosexual persons

Homosexuality. Homosexual persons