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  • Classify works on obstetrical nursing in WY 157.

Organizations. Societies (General or not elsewhere classified) (Cutter from name of organization or society) (Table-G)
(Monographs and Serials)

Includes membership lists and administrative reports issued serially or separately. Classify directories in WQ 22. Classify other serials issued by societies in W1. For academies and institutes, see WQ 23-24.

Collected works by several authors

Collected works by individual authors

Addresses. Essays. Lectures

History (Table-G)

General coverage (Not Table-G)

Dictionaries. Encyclopedias
(Monographs and Serials)

Classification. Terminology
(Monographs and Serials)

Tables. Statistics. Surveys (Table-G)
(Monographs and Serials)

Classify here maternal mortality statistics without causes of death. Classify statistics including causes of death in WA 900. Classify reproductive health surveys in WQ 90.

General coverage (Not Table-G)
(Monographs and Serials)

Atlases. Pictorial works

Classify atlases limited to a particular part of the system here also.


Classify here works about education.

Educational materials
(Monographs and Serials)

Classify here educational materials, e.g., outlines, questions and answers, programmed instruction, computer-assisted instruction, etc., regardless of format. Classify textbooks, regardless of format, by subject.

Schools, departments, and faculties of obstetrics (Table-G)
(Monographs and Serials)

Include here works on the history of schools. Classify works on schools of obstetrics and gynecology here; classify works on schools of gynecology only in WP 19. Classify courses of study, catalogs, etc., in W 19.5.

General coverage (Not Table-G)
(Monographs and Serials)

Research (General)

Classify here works about research in general. Classify works about research on a particular subject by subject.

Obstetrics as a profession. Ethics. Peer review

Directories (Table-G)
(Monographs and Serials)

General coverage (Not Table-G)
(Monographs and Serials)

Collective laboratories, academies, institutes, etc. (Table-G)

General coverage (Not Table-G)

Individual laboratories, academies, institutes, etc. (Cutter from name of institution) (Table-G)

Laboratory manuals. Technique

Equipment and supplies

Classify catalogs in W 26.

Informatics. Electronic data processing. Computers (General)

Classify works on use for special subjects by subject.

Collective maternity hospitals, clinics and dispensaries (Table-G)

General coverage (Not Table-G)

Individual maternity hospitals, clinics and dispensaries (Cutter from name of hospital) (Table-G)

Collective museums, exhibitions, etc.

Individual museums, exhibitions, etc. (Cutter from name of museum, etc.) (Table-G)

Laws (Table-G)
(Monographs and Serials)

General coverage (Not Table-G)
(Monographs and Serials)

Discussion of law (Table-G)
(Monographs and Serials)

General coverage (Not Table-G)
(Monographs and Serials)

Malpractice (Table-G)

General coverage (Not Table-G)

Handbooks. Resource guides
(Monographs and Serials)

Classify handbooks for midwifery at WQ 165.

Reproductive health surveys (Table-G)

Classify here narrative reproductive surveys. Classify statistics in WQ 16.

General coverage (Not Table-G)

General works

Maternal health

Popular works on pregnancy and childbirth

Natural childbirth

Birth setting


Manuals for midwives. Handbooks

Prenatal care. Prenatal education for the health professional

Classify works written for patients or the general public in WQ 150.

General works (Table-G)

General coverage (Not Table-G)

Pregnancy determination

Cf. QY 335 Pregnancy tests.

Preimplantation diagnosis

Fertilization. Development of ovum. General physiology of reproduction

Sex determination analysis

Classify works on genetic sex determination in QS 638.

Reproductive techniques

Prenatal diagnosis. Fetal monitoring

Fetus. Extraembryonic membranes. Umbilical cord. Perinatology (General)

Classify works on fetal experimentation in general in W 20.5.

Fetal anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry

Fetal diseases (General or not elsewhere classified)


Cf. WK 920 Placental hormones.


Ectopic pregnancy

Spontaneous abortion. Fetal death. Perinatal death

Cf. WQ 440 Induced abortion; W 867 Criminal abortion. Classify works on perinatal mortality in WA 900.

Multiple pregnancy

Pregnancy complications (General or not elsewhere classified)

Classify works on pre-enclampsia in WQ 215.

Cardiovascular complications


Hematologic complications

Infectious diseases


Urologic complications

Maternal death

General works

Physiology. Clinical course



Disproportions of the pelvis

Complications of labor

General works

Classify works on obstetrical anesthesia in WO 450.

[This number not used]

Classify preparatory manipulation in obstetrical surgery in WQ 415.

Delivery (including preparatory manipulation)

Use of forceps

Cesarean section. Symphysiotomy and similar techniques

[This number not used]

Classify embryotomy in WQ 440.

Induction of labor. Therapeutic abortion. Techniques of induced abortion

Cf. WQ 225 Spontaneous abortion and W 867 Criminal abortion. Classify works on sociological and religious aspects of induced abortion in HQ 767-767.52. Classify works on public health aspects of abortion in WA 550.

Resuscitation of the newborn

General works. Postnatal care

Puerperal infection